#12 of 300 Eggs Bene-Chick Mug

Well only a few more mugs to make then on to the “Bowls” recipes :)

Today it’s Eggs Bene-Chick Mug from 300 Under 300 

I was surprised bout this recipe.

I like that this recipe only have a few ingredients, I love it when you can grab what ever you have in the house. With just a few ingredients and make a wonderful meal.

I really enjoyed the mayonnaise mixture with the egg, it had a great taste

This was a definite 2 Mugs up ;)

What did you think? Do you like mustard?

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6 Responses to #12 of 300 Eggs Bene-Chick Mug

  1. Susie says:

    Are you going to try anymore of her recipes. I sort of quit the same time you did. LOL.

    • jewl0213 says:

      Hey Susie,
      I’m taking a class which ends in March, I really want to start up again.
      I really think i will start up around the middle or the end of March. thank you for your interest. Maybe you will start up again:)

  2. Susie says:

    Ya a little mustard can really be great. :) We liked this recipe too.

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