#5 of 300 Crunchy Beefy Taco Egg Mug

I wonder if one can eat to much egg substitue?

        I really liked the Crunchy Beefy Taco Egg mug from 300 under 300. Again I really need to pay more attention to the ingredients. I did not purchase the “frozen ground-beef style soy crumbles. I went to my supermarket and completely missed the ” Frozen” part. I purchased the Gimme lean ( it is a soy product). What i did with it was sliced it ( it comes in a sausage type packaging) then crumbled some of it and added it to the skillet, i cooked it until it browned a little and was hot.  It was actually pretty good. If not for this recipe I probably would never have tried it. So you see mistakes are good ;)

I really like these easy “mug” recipes, i fing that they really fill me up, especially this one with the beef style soy. I was really full after this one.


At times the after pictures are not always appealing. But the taste is very delicious.

This was very easy and will make again

This one was a definite 2 Mugs up.

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One Response to #5 of 300 Crunchy Beefy Taco Egg Mug

  1. Susie says:

    This one was my very favorite. :) I have had to substitute a few times too but that’s ok. :)
    Loving your blog. :)

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