I’m sorry that it’s been a few days, I have been busy with work and since I have 3 jobs I stay pretty busy, but one of them is ending on Monday so therefore I will have more time to do the recipes :)

I’m happy about that as Ilove to do them…. :) hmm to get paid for doing recipes all day long hmmmmmm

Ok on to the recipe ;)

Today (actually yesterday) i made the It’s All Greek to Me Egg mug from the 300 under 300. (117 calories).

I really enjoyed this one, and I think i’m really starting to love feta cheese. Its one thing that i never really bought at teh grocery store, but i think now i will start buying it more ofter. I have been adding it to almost everything I ate since i bought it, almost ran out of it for this recipe :)

  I have been finding when making these recipes and there are tomatoes involved, you really have to dry the tomatoes out, as it leaves some juice in with the scrambled egg. I don’t’ mind it so much but I thought I would point it out. (Anyone else with the same issue?)

Here is the finished recipe.

This was also a 2 Mugs up ;)

It may be a few days until I get to #7 , but starting next week I think I will have more time and will be able to do a recipe each day or every other day. (I can’t wait)

Thanks for reading and looking forward to your comments on how your recipes are turning out from the book.

Oh and I will add to my ” About” page this week also. :)

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One Response to #6 of 300 ~ IT’S ALL GREEK TO ME EGG MUG

  1. Susie says:

    We also liked this recipe.
    You have THREE jobs? WOW! I don’t even want to do my VERY part time one.
    I did # 7 yesterday. We will get caught up together soon I’m sure.
    I do the recipes in a frying pan now. It seems much easier to me than the constant in and out of the microwave. It gets rid of any moisture better and seeing I’m doing it for the two of us and doubling the recipe it just is easier.
    Can’t wait to read your about page. :)

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