#10 of 300 All-American Egg Mug

Yippy…Made it to the 2 digits…… :)

First, sorry to have been MIA for so long… Trying to do too many things and not enough time to do any of it….

I decided to start cutting back and do the things that I really want to do…. SO HERE I AM :) (I just had to say it out loud)

Ok so I did the All-American Egg Mug p.24 173 calories.. From Hungry Girl

 I made a few changes; i substituted the “frozen Patty” for my home made turkey burger, and the American Cheese slice for good ole Cheddar Cheese (2tbls)

This recipe was just OK for me, I think I would have preferred it best with ham and the maple syrup.

I give this one a 1 Mug up ;)

Let me know how yours turned out…

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One Response to #10 of 300 All-American Egg Mug

  1. Susie says:

    SO very glad you are back. Yes, get un-busy so you have more time for your blog. :)
    I LOVED this recipe. It was one of my favorites and probably because I love cheese and I love syrup.
    What are you SO busy with?
    Nosey Susie! :)

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